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samsung a50 wifi problem

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I have a terrible problem with my home Wifi.

When I connect to my router via Wifi, I ALWAYS get wifi ON for a period of 10 seconds and Wifi OFF for a period of 5 seconds.

That's exactly what happens over and over.

To clarify the problem, I ping to the router with a Terminal app and I get this:

PING 1 < 20 ms

PING 2 < 20 ms


PING 10 < 20 ms

PING 11 > 4 SECONDS !!!

PING 12 > 3 SECONDS !!!

PING 13 > 2 SECONDS !!!


and then starts again the cycle.

So there is a period of 5 seconds with Wifi OFF each 15 seconds.

If I reset network settings, then it starts working properly, but when I switch the phone off and then on, it starts losing Wifi for 5 seconds periodically again.

Tested with other smartphones and Wifi works properly, so the router it's not the fault.

¿Perhaps it's a Samsung bug trying to "improve" Wifi stability?


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I think you summed this up perfectly in the first sentence. Although cellular/mobile phones and lots of other devices may interfere with WiFi reception and some of these devices may have varying degrees of impact, depending on their signal strength/frequencies etc, ultimately its the responsibility of your routers design to work around these issues.

Going forward, if you are using a commercial (3rd party) router for your Internet connectivity, it'd definitely be worth going to the manufacturer's website to see if any firmware upgrades exist for it that you can install to address these problems.

If you are using your ISPs default router/hub/gateway, its worth discussing this with their tech support to see what they suggest. The key thing to remember is that problems with your home WiFi are ultimately due to how well the router copes with interference and unless you live inside a giant microwave oven or right beside powerful transmission masts operating at similar frequencies etc, there should always be an expectation for the router to take care of 'interference'. If you are using the ISPs 'free' router, depending on what their Tech support people say, you may find buying and using your own 3rd party router will solve these problems.