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Samsung A3: disabled apps still growing in size

(Topic created on: 21/07/20 11:56)
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Galaxy A Series

Hi Everyone,


I have a Samsung A3, i have this group of disabled applcations that seem to keep growing regardless of being disabled. 


The applcations are: 

1. Google (the seach bar)

2. Microsoft Word

3. Microsoft Powerpoint

4. Microsoft Excel


usually they are quite small when uninstalled. 


1. Google (the seach bar) - 64mB

2. Microsoft Word - 54 kB

3. Microsoft Powerpoint - 54 kB

4. Microsoft Excel - 54 kB


but after a week or so, i will get an alert that my space is running out..  usually when i check my disabled apps; i can see that the disabled apps hav grown in size considerably...


1. Google (the seach bar) - 250 mB

2. Microsoft Word - 90-100 mB

3. Microsoft Powerpoint - 90 - 100 mB

4. Microsoft Excel - 90-100 mb mB


The disabled apps have grown to  500 mB on my internal storage... 

why does this happen when they are disabled?


I have a weekley routine now, where i spend 5 minutes going through these 4 apps and uninstalling the updates. Every week tho, after 3 years it feels really GAH!! ... Why is it like this? Does anyone else have this issue? Do other phone brands have this problem? 


Looking forward to some help or advice,