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"A02S" notifications sounds

(Topic created on: 24-02-2022 05:36 AM)
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I purchased it from my local Walmart and so far so good as I was trying to remember how I set up my individual notification sounds for my main phone which is an "a 71 5G" I decided to look things up online. 


I tried to find "Alerts" in the app notifications area and could not find it. I went like this "Settings", "Apps", "Selected App", "Notifications". And then all I saw was "Notifications On/Off Toggle", Other "Local Notifications On/Off Toggle", "Push Notifications On/Off Toggle", "App Icon Badge On/Off Toggle."


There is "NO" Alert you need to click the "Local Notifications" to make sure it is set to "ON" and then click the words "Local Notifications" not the toggle button the actual words to open the settings area for "local Notifications." Once you are in the "Local Notifications" area you will then see a "Local Notifications" Alert or Silent. And also "Show as Pop-up" and then below that is "SOUND" and mine is currently set to "Default Notification Sound (Spaceline)" Click "Sound" and then you can change the "Notification Sound" for that selected app. 


It's pretty simple if you are willing to try and click things to find what you need to. I was going to give up on finding a way to change my "Specific Apps Notifications Sounds" and was going to use an app to help with it. But nope I found the area I needed to get the job done. 


I hope this quick post helps others with the same issue if there is anyone out there looking to fix their notifications area a bit.

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Thank you for sharing @WickedTwilightQueen  👍

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