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Phone Charger and Cable


I just purchased a A21s and of course comes with a charger and cable.  I have two generic chargers already from my previous phones, can I use these as well as the Samsung charger?  I like to keep one at home and take one on holiday.  

Thanks  in advance

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yes you can, as long as it fits, I have about 10 charger at home to put it in every room, but some are charge faster than other, it depend on how many Watts, but all work well
Yes you can as long as the USB plug fits in your phone. I use multiple chargers on my Note 10+ and my phone is fine

5W for charging over night
15W in my home office
25W at my works
45W for when I'm in a hurry

Thank you. This community is great for new users!

Thank you.  This community is great for new users!

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my friend has a Samsung a 21s when phoning out dialing tone very quiet
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i have looked in my own phone to help her but cant find the solution , A21 s is a good phone she is new to Samsung i told her to switch to Samsung phones
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