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One UI 2.0 Concept Idea Suggestion

(Topic created on: 25-03-2020 03:15 PM)
Here's my concept on how One UI 2.0 should look: One UI 2.0 Developer Preview 1: The first preview on the One UI 2.0 brings new features and many changes as well as latest security improvements based on the feedback from Samsung and Google users. What's new: One UI 2.0: - Improvements and new features - New battery optimizations - Upgraded Kernel which improves battery life and fixes any problems with poor battery - Galaxy Store updates all apps to latest version - Network Improvements - Performance has been improved Samsung Members: - In Notification Panel will show future updates for your device. - Improvements and bugfixes - Notification Panel has been improved Galaxy Store: - All apps are updated to latest version - An option has been added to install beta version of Samsung Apps - New features and improvements Future builds/updates will bring new features and improve the existing ones, with latest security fixes and improvements.
First Poster

I think Samsung should implement following feature:-

1. Updated Notification Panel as this panel is not looking good basically on Samsung Galaxy s10 & s10+. Segrigation of notification is not good. Grouping should be changed with nice look. So that it look clean and materialise

2. Volume toggle should be come in vertically rather than horizontally

3. Some apps should be google stock like Phone app, calender app even google discover which should be come by swiping left side as these are better than samsung ui stock apps

4. Screen recording feature should be there.

5. Notification bar for signal, wifi should be redisgned as these are look alike earlier samsung ui

6. Font design should be change as these don't look so classic

I think these upgrades will give samsung ui some furrher boost

First Poster

I would like to suggest some common but important features lacking in one UI, 

1. Contacts Search preferences

They should include an option in contacts settings > contacs search preferences > frequent contacts.

2. Key board pop up

Up on swiping up on home screen to search for an app or any thing, the key board doesn't appear untill you touch on search bar. 

3. Calling time

When you get a missed/incoming/outing going call, the time infront of it should be like 8mints ago or 59 mints ago, up to atleast 59mints, after that normal time like called on 5:30am etc...
4. Ring for number of seconds

When you get a missed call, infront of it should be like ring for 50sec or 10sec, 
5. Data ontime/download/upload speed in status bar.

6. Rotate picture and save the same

If you wants to rotate any picture in gallery, one should not go to edit option for that, but the rotate option should be separate and when you rotate any pic,it should not be saved as other or 2nd picture, as you get two pictures in differnt rotation, but the same picture .

7. Add knuckle on the screen option for screen capture. Parm through on screen is not zo cool.