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No pin number for old phone

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I've just bought a new A20e and need to transfer info from my old phone a Samsung GT-S5310. The latter is too old to use Smartswitch, so I need to use the pin number for my old phone, which I don't have.Can anyone help please?

@Tourmalina: Can you confirm what data you are attempting to transfer to the A20e? At what stage are you being prompted to enter a PIN?

Really just want to transfer contacts and maybe a few photos. I've been following the instructions for switching on my new phone. Was going to use Smartswitch, but my old phone is too early a model. I was therefore instructed to use the pin from my old phone instead...b ut of course I can't because I don't have it.

Without the pin you are not going to open the device. Is there a Samsung account on it? If so you should be able to unlock it that way

On your old device i dont believe Samsung accounts were included yet. There is a possible option to get a forgot password screen on your android device on 4.1.2 device 


1) After 5 incorrect password attempts the screen will lock.

2) At the bottom of the lock screen you can click on "Forgot password?"

3) Enter your Google account Username and Password. (assume you've signed Google account)

4) Click “Sign In”.

5) It allow you to input a new pin.


Other than that i cannot recommend any options because passwords are designed to protect the user who installed them.

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