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Low audio quality of media during a call

(Topic created on: 03-03-2023 12:02 AM)
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I would like to ask when Samsung will fix the big issue on almost any Samsung device related to audio quality while calling on Discord, Messenger, or basically any social media app. I've seen dozens of posts over the past years related to this problem and I still can't see any progress about this from the Samsung side.


For those who don't know anything about this problem, it occurs when you start a call with someone and then you watch a video, listen to music, or basically do anything which produces internal audio on the phone, and this audio will be heavily distorted, almost unhearable. It gets especially annoying when you want to screeenshare a video on Discord and you can't hear the sound of what you are streaming properly. 


It's unbelievable that Samsung still hasn't fixed such a basic issue, especially when almost all Samsung users are facing it. There have been posts about this since 2018 and it still hasn't been fixed, even after 5 years.


I was also thinking of making a post asking for a solution to this, but since there are so many posts without any solutions, I decided to make this instead. Hopefully someone from Samsung will see this and actually do something about it, it's really frustrating to see it still hasn't been fixed. 

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Best for things like this to address in the Feedback section on the Samsung Members App
As far as I know with devices I've had. It's something that happens on other makes of devices.
Could even be something that's part of Android, so would need addressing with Google