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Latest automatic software update broke my phone

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On wednesday night i did the latest automatic software update. Since Thursday morning a majority of my apps on my phone now do not work. I can select the app some will look as though they will open and then theyre gone and i cant access them. I am getting continuous notifications that various apps have stopped working. I have restarted my phone multiple times. I have made sure all my apps are up to date. I have cleared the cache data for the app and i have also uninstalled and reinstalled the apps to no avail.

HELP, i am at the point where i fear i am going to have to replace my phone and cannot afford to do so.

try switching off then switching on in safe mode and leave it in that for 2 hours

How do i put into safe mode?

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click the aeroplane mode icon from the top of the menu bar on your phone when you pull it down.

This is what happens when you buy a Chinese phone!

I had a British STK 2017 smartphone and it never updated android beyond android marshmallow 6 and the screen constantly froze and machine crashed. Then the plug in small tab charging port BROKE OFF within 1 year of use! Samsung Galaxy J17 is still in good condition after 3 & 1/2 years use - especially the micro 5 pin charging port and originsl Samsung charger.

I have now tried this and am still having the issue. 


This phone was purchased from a well known department store chain and is an authentic samsung product NOT a parallel import. 

I have never had any issues with updates prior to this


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you will have to reset your phone to factory default which will erase all data on your phone. you then have to start from scratch with a new GOOGLEPLAY android card and a new email address for it. If that does not restart your phone, then you will need to buy s new one. I would recommend you buy the SONY XPERIA brand or Wyliefox which is a British brands my mates have them with no problems.

go to settings app on your phone and click on factory reset.

My Samsung J3 2017 phone will not yet update android 10 software, they are 12 months behind, I wont be buying another samsung phone because of this problem, they just want users to keep buying their newer phones every 2 years when my knee I bought in 2017 on 4G still works fine, they are getting as greedy and worse than APPLE and Nokia for failing to update the latest android operating software!