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I'm having so much bother with my phone and feel stuck.

(Topic created on: 01-04-2020 12:34 AM)
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Hi everyone. I have an a70. I bought it August last year and am on a contract for 2 years with ee.


I happened to smash my phone around december last year and took it to a samsung store near me. They fixed it but since I had no insurance or guarantee they said, I had to pay around 150 pounds but it was fixed.

After about a week I noticed I couldn't actually answer calls and had to use the speaker. Like I couldn't hear anyone through the handset. I couldn't take it back as they'd closed for Christmas and new year but decided to just put up with it as I got airpods for Christmas and used these.


A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that my phone stopped charging. I took it to a repair store near rme, not a samsung one, as I'm short for cash and they said my charging port was wrong and said they fix it. I paid 40 pounds. It did work, then after a week, stopped charging again. I took it back and they told me they'd investigate. They said the issue was much bigger than they could fix and they told me chatging my phone in my car had caused this?? And I could now only charge my phone if it was above 10 percent battery. And wouldnt tell me why this was or what had caused it. They also didn't give me my money back.


I went away angry at myself for even going there and was planning to go to Samsung shortly. But I've just noticed, after keeping my battery above 10 like this guy told me to do, that its stopped charging at 28 percent now. And also the back of my phone keeps comin off and has glue all around it as if hes glued my phone back on?? 


I realise I made a stupid mistake going to a cheap repair shop but I honestly have mo idea what's caused all this to begin with and I simply don't have the funds to do it either. Its currenty just not chatging at all and obviously everywhere is closed because of the quarantine.

Does anyone have any ideas what is best to do? Just buy a cheap new phone an use my sim? I am on my contract still. 

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Hi @Okaypost1 


Certainly not a good experience at all 😞


First I'd suggest next time to have some form of case and screen protector on the phone to try and stop accidental damage and add grip.


Prevention is better than cure.


As accidental damage is not included in the 24 month warranty Samsung will levy a charge for a repair but they also guarantee the repair so while I appreciate why you couldn't get back but it would have been better to make the time to return asap.


Now you've used an unauthorised repair shop unfortunately your 24 month warranty may have been voided as an unauthorised engineer has carried out work on the phone.


I read so many horror stories of these repair shops making up reasons to make repairs which can include removing a good Samsung part and replace it with an inferior part. They can also cause further issues as they dig about in the phone. Many offer a guarantee but can become standoffish when a person goes back to report issues.


If your on a contract with ee then maybe see if your due an early upgrade etc.


Personally with the issues your having with charging and the ports and the integrity of the housing being compromised I would have to weigh up the cost of the phone to how much it's going to cost to try and get it back in working order.


In the UK we have shops that sell unwanted upgrades. Maybe if you have the same type of shops look into that. Just ensure it'll work on ee.


i.e CEX and Game etc.


ee will sell Payg phones too.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 


🌈 Stay Safe  🌈



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Hey @Okaypost1.

@BandOfBrothers is correct. This kind of experience is certainly not what we like to hear about, however, the warranty on your phone will now have been voided due to the unauthorised repair.

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