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How do I know if my A70 is fake?


I have just purchased an A70 and am concerned that it is not genuine. It looks real and the build quality seems good but I have a couple of things which are preventing me from being completely satisfied.


Firstly, I checked the IMEI number on and it said that the IMEI number related to a 'A700F GALAXY A7 (SM-A705FN)'. It includes a picture of an A7 and the specs for the A7.


Secondly, after running DevCheck, it said that my rear camer was an 8MP camera not the 32MP advertised.


Can anyone advise if they have seen something similar or if they know a way of confirming its authenticity? I bought the phone from a third party and am trying to decide whether to pursue or not.


My a70 is have 32 GB ONLY and when I'm downloading like 13 MB games the storage likesaying its 3 GB is my phone a70 is fake. In short i have only 32 GB not 128 GB and when I'm downloading like 1 MB its like 3GB and I have no idea what's going on .

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