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Hi, every time I start to ring or text in my Galaxy 52s, I get a red minus sign

(Topic created on: 09-07-2022 05:05 AM)
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Hi, Every time I start to ring or text someone on my Galaxy52s 5G, I see a red minus sign which  block me from ringing/texting. First I suspected Gmail, because the Company had been  pushing apps into my phone which I did not like. Eg. "Make/set MSM as your home default when they know I have Whatsapp Duo & which  gives me free calls and text. But last two days, I had a message coming to my phone, which said, Sorry, " you are always  blaming Gmail.  I can help, if you need help. This message came with No name Or phone number of the person who sent it. I was happy wen I read it, thinking,  at least that person now knows what he/she is doing to me is wrong. But he/she started again this morning wen I picked up my phone to add someone's nae to my contacts.This is having everyday I ick up my Samsung Galaxy phone. Is this  how smart phones are?

looks like there is something very nasty on your phone, do contact your boss/the Company/the security department, ask if other colleagues have the same problem. If that all doesn't help maybe check the app permissions settings. does your phone app has phone and microphone permission?, does your sms app has the relevant permissions?
But I think contacting your boss is the first step. in the mean time just get a simple reserve phone and sim to make calls and texts if urgently needed