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Headphone audio quality very bad on new a40

(Topic created on: 20-04-2020 09:42 PM)
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title says it all. got a new a40 about a month ago, and just today the audio from the headphone jack had completely stopped working. i was confused, but tried another set of headphones as the ones that came with the phone has only worked from one side for a while now. although i got audio from the second headphones, it was very distorted and sounded almost like the noise was coming from underwater - i couldnt make out any of it.


i've tried a few things such as blowing into the jack and trying to get lint out (there was none) so any help would be appreciated

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Trying another set of earphojes is a very good way of checking if the headphones or headphones jack is at fault.


I appreciate you've blown into the port but can you use a torch to look inside too.


If this turns out to be the port that is at fault then as all the Samsung Experience Store  / Samsung Service Centres are temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic you may have to wait until they re open.


Or ask Samsung if they are still accepting phones being sent to them fkr repair via courier or post.


Or if you purchased the Samsung phone as part of a network contract ask them for support.


Personally I'd wait until the stores re open.


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