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Green line issue on galaxy A71 after update

(Topic created on: 3 weeks ago)
Green line issue
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 It Has been 1 year since I am receiving green lines on my phone after an software update and now this is the condition (Pic attached) it's in.

I can't even read anything now and my eyes are getting too much stressed after looking at this, i bought this phone for my studies and casual use and now I can't do nothing on it. 

I contacted customer service several times but they don't deal with old phones that are out of warranty, but getting a defect after an software update that the company made is their problem and it's their responsibility/policy to repair or find other solutions for it . 

If Samsung doesn't do anything for this problem and persist to reject my report i will move forward legally to consumer cort for a solution for my situation.


Unfortunately, if the device is out of warranty, then it pretty much becomes your problem, and any repair will be at cost to you. I'd be interested to see how you're going to prove that a software update caused this. Saying that, there have been rare incidents where Samsung have replaced screens for free due to them becoming inoperable after the recent UI 6.1 update. It is also worth noting that if this failure is attributed to an unauthorised screen replacement, then Samsung will not repair for free. Good luck in your endeavours.