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I have the samsung a41 I have been searching for good lock but can't seem to find it on the galaxy store is it not available on android 10 one ui 2.1 ? 
Hi @Rob1985. I'm on a Galaxy A50 on One UI 2.0 and Good lock is on the galaxy store could you send a screenshot of the search results?
Here is what it should show you on the galaxy store
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Superuser I

As far as I'm aware Good Lock isn't available in all regions.


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Samsung One Ui 2.5/ Android 10.

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Nice lock is on the Google play store and is a workaround for unsupported regions, if you decide to consider this option i recommend reading up on it on

thanks for the reply's I'm in the UK way csc code BTU I was available for my A40 in the UK way csc code XEU was just wondering if it was due to this phone having one ui 2.1
I downloaded the apk and side loaded it when I click into it it doesn't give me unit al it gives me is family
I have the Galaxy A41 one ui 2.1 and csc code BTU
I'm also in the UK so Good Lock is definitely available but it should be there.
Not sure why it isn't on your phone
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