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Galaxy A6 always on display



I recently purchased a phone,samsung A6 2018

samsung galaxy A6 does not have always on display?

A6 will receive it through update always on display?

I am very dissapointed, I was expecting it to have this function, 2018 phone and does not have this feature.


sorry for my bad english....

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I have puchased a Samsung Galaxy A6. There is no "Always on Display" option.


I want get back the feature.


Shoyaib Forhad

@Zydrax, @Shoyaib

Always On Display is available on the Galaxy A6 via Settings > Lock Screen > Always On Display. To find out more about the features of this model please check out the user manual via the following link:

Dear AndrewL,


What do you think, we did not check before comment here?


There is no AOD option either in Lockscreen settings or security settings or any others settings.


We will be happy if the problem solved by updating or intalling any patch.



Shoyaib Forhad


Features on Samsung devices can vary from region to region based on variances in the software and hardware. The UK version of the A6 appears to have AOD as referenced in the user manual, although this is not always reflected in other regions. Apologies for any confusion caused.

We need AOD for all version A6,,we hope it will be solve by the samsung co in next update.


Kindly give us a solution on how to replace the Always On Display menu. So that we can still aware of there any new notifications are coming


Please give us solution on the absence of Always on Display menu on Galaxy A6 users outside UK to be well informed on new notifications


In the absence of the AOD display you can keep up to date with your notifications via the following steps:
1) Settings > Notifications > All Apps > On
2) Settings > Lock Screen > Notifications > On > Make sure that 'Hide Content' and 'Notification Icons Only' are disabled.
This is the last samsung phone I'm buying, i have been a samsung fan for many years, this time you've managed to disappoint me, 2018 phone and it does not even have the minimum required in it, Other phone companies at this price have aod and type C usb.
I was glad to be with you samsung but it's time to say goodbye.
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