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Galaxy A54 5G

(Topic created on: 25-08-2023 01:53 PM)
As discussed in a previous post I have purchased the Galaxy A54 5G 128gb to use for work and to have a backup phone my main phone being an S23 Ultra 512gb version. So I thought I would give an initial assessment after the first day. I believe the file system is UFS 3.1 whereas the S23 is UFS 4.0 which is much quicker

The phone arrived with 33% charge so first job was to charge it up took around an hour which was fine

The phone is an attractive phone but I don't like the gorilla glass back at all as it is so slippery and keeps sliding off any surface that isn't perfectly level, it will not stay still on the arm of the settee beside me, I've ordered a smart view case from samsung so that won't be an issue. Matt coatings for the back of phones is much better and would result in less drops

The phone set up very easy from scratch, a little slow in places setting apps up for the first time but once set up the phone is surprisingly very snappy and responsive

There is no wireless charging but to be fair it's something I rarely use

The battery life is staggering. I absolutely thrashed it non stop setting it up and testing it downloading installing updating etc non stop for hours and tried out music via my Bluetooth headset and the sound was excellent 👌 

The network is very sharp and snappy and up to now seems very stable. This is something I will keep my eye on as maintaining a stable network connection is a challenge for my S23 Ultra which I notice most when streaming. I'll be able to compare properly once I start using it for work as I stream radio and connect to teams etc most of the day whilst out and about I.e how it performs running several apps simultaneously 

The Bluetooth works flawlessly 

The NFC worked when I took a payment with a debit card via the phone but it did take a while finding the sweet spot to get the NFC connection which seems to be closer to the cameras whereas on the S23 its closer to the middle of the phone

No issues with WIFI

I need to see how the mobile signal performs when out and about but I suspect it won't be as strong s the S23, which won't be an issue in the car as I connect to the car via Bluetooth which then utilises the cars antenna 

Gaming, I tried out Subway Surfers for a few hours and it worked fine although you do notice the odd micro buffer during game play. It barely scratched remaining battery life, which surprised me. One thing I have noticed is very few no network available messages which I get regularly on the S23 despite having a strong signal

Storage. I got the 128gb version. After full set up and restoring the backup I made with my S23, it used about 40gb of storage with around 80gb remaining. I would recommend getting the 256gb version if it is to be a main phone but I think 128 is enough as it will be a second phone and you can also add a microSD up to 1tb which can help for files etc. I have ordered a samsung Pro plus microSD 512gb for £40 from Samsung as there is currently a special offer as they are normally £74 nearly half price. Its a shame samsung removed the ability to utilise the SD card as internal storage as although its slower, it is a useful function should you run out of memory

In summary, my initial assessment is the phone is a vary capable phone and fun to use and feels like a high end phone in performance. We'll worth the investment

I'll try to update again once I've had a chance for a more thorough workout

Samsung Members Star ★★

Thank you for your insights and initial thoughts on your phone @PaulC59 

It's always interesting to hear how people are finding their devices 👍

Daily Driver > Samsung Galaxy s²⁴ Ultra 512Gb ~ Titanium Black.

The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

Get initial review. It will be interesting to see what you've got to say after hammering it a bit.
Do you download and run a lot of apps on your phones? Like Facebook, X, Instagram etc.
Yes, I mainly use office apps etc but have a lot of other useful apps, with social media I mainly use WhatsApp(dual accounts) but I have accounts I check on fb(dual accounts), Instagram, snapchat and linked in with messenger and meta business etc I also have corporate console apps to enable some secure email accounts as I have 6 email addresses and calendars split between 2 apps to name just a few so my phone is constantly on the go

I currently have everything on both phones whilst initially testing but I can look at removing some apps from both phones in time should I decide to have one work based and the other personal based. I've removed tik tok as that took over half a gig of storage and was hardly used. The most resource hungry seems to be Instagram

When I ran good guardians it counted 580 apps but most of them are system and pre loaded

Up to now it is handling everything with ease and whilst I appreciate it doesn't have anywhere near the capability of the S23 Ultra, there isn't a noticeable difference between the two for normal day to day use. The difference will become more apparent when using more resource demanding apps such as games, hd movie playing etc which isn't a priority for a work phone
I'm very similar to yourself with regards to work. Especially email address and the like. I run 2 SIM cards simultaneously too. One for work, the other for everything else. How's the battery life for you with your S23U? Mine is exceptional, considering I use mine for sat nav and tethering and well as everything else. I just can't flatten the battery by the time get to bed!
The battery in my S23U varies. If you just do every day stuff it could get through the day. I find it drains quickly if playing online games, playing music via Bluetooth headset or watching reels from Instagram. It's seems to be ok during the day with Sat Nav, Connected to car and Streaming radio I also use a VOIP app for calls to clients. I also have my calls redirected from my landline and a second SIM to it so I only need to carry one phone. I did have dual Sims in it originally but I find redirecting calls frees up the 2nd SIM to use in the car or a 4g router in my caravan which reduces monthly costs.

Great review, I myself am in the second week of owning a A54. I come from a stolen S23 Plus, stolen when I was abroad never saw it again (beforehand owning both a Pixel 7 and a S22 Ultra). I admit the A54 is a stop gap phone for me as I am actually in the process of saving up to buy a S23 Ultra.

I have to say I am very impressed with the A54. A lot of people online, especially reviewers mention how this phone feels underpowered, even talking about stuttering, but to be absolutely honest this phone for performs way better than my S22 Ultra (I had the UK Exynos variant, it was a great phone but my god the stuttering on that phone was unreal!).

Battery is great, camera is actually quite good. I will be handing this phone down to my son as he needs a phone but I think this will do him for quite a few years. I will be sad giving this up to him as I have gotten quite fond of it now. The only problem I have with it is there is a slight hint of a smell coming from the bottom of the phone every now and then. It doesn't smell like burning though I can't really describe it. The phone performs amazingly though, no battery problems, it doesn't overheat (temps are very well managed). 


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