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Galaxy A51 Blutooth Contact Sharing Issue

(Topic created on: 10-03-2021 04:06 AM)
Galaxy Fart
First Poster
Galaxy A Series

I just got a new A51 and overall, I love it. Responsive and does more than I need - with one strange exception.

When it is paired to my car (XTRONS IN70WRJL Android 10 Head Unit), the only setting under Bluetooth are Phone and Audio. The glaring missing piece is Contacts. Needless to say - this is a huge issue. I can not use the address book in the car, nor can I see who is calling on the head unit. This only happens with this phone. I replaced a Ulephone Armor 6E Android 9, which paired flawlessly every time, and my even older BLU Android 8 had no such issue, as well as my son's iPhone 10. It should be easy: pair phone, slide all 3 sliders to share, and go.

To be clear: There is no 3rd slider for Contacts in the Bluetooth settings after paired with head unit on the Galaxy A51. I really like the phone but will return and go back to Ulephone if I can't get this crucial feature to work. Any help will be greatly appreciated. For the record, I have un-paired, re-paired, cleared cache, restarted a hundred times - no change. All firmware updates have been applied to the Galaxy A51 and there are no pending updates.

Thanks to any and all in advance - please help me keep this phone.