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Galaxy A34 5G dual sim + SD card

(Topic created on: 24-05-2023 01:56 PM)

I have just purchased a new Galaxy A34 5G dual SIM phone. It is advertised as being Dual SIM +microSD card. When I purchased it I discussed with the sales agent about fitting these 3 cards: SIM1, SIM2 + microSD saying I have an existing Galaxy A51 which similarly supports 3 such cards. My A51 has a tray with 3 slots, (one for each of the 3 cards). I asked whether the A34 supplied with a similar 3 slot tray and was told "yes".

However, when I installed my A34 I discovered there were only 2 tray slots - 1 smaller and the other larger. Clearly the larger slot will take a microSD but no 3rd slot as I expected. The manual is a little unclear, but I know some manufacturers have card slots which take 2 separate cards in one slot by
- one card facing up one way and
- the other facing the opposite direction. 

My question is will the A34 take all three cards with the larger slot taking both a SIM + microSD facing opposite directions or do I just have the options of either:
- 2 SIMS or
- 1 SIM + microSD

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First Poster

Did you mean: 2 physical SIM or 1 physical SIM, 1 SD card and eSim? 


@ju_wf wrote:

Did you mean: 2 physical SIM or 1 physical SIM, 1 SD card and eSim? 

No, as I have clearly said earlier:
I have fitted ONE physical SIM card and the other slot is EMPTY (nothing fitted in there at present). In particular I have NOT NOT fitted a physical SD card.

As explained, when I purchased this product the sales agent told me:
You can fit up to TWO physical SIMS + 1 physical SD card (ie total of THREE physical cards) into this device.
However, an earlier response here said that is untrue, and I certainly cannot believe how a third physical card can be fitted as I can find no slot to fit it into. I presume that in the second (currently empty slot) I can fit either a second SIM card, or an SD card but not both?
However, I also have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Tab LTE which seems to have a magic card fitting facility that I have never ever come across before with all of my Android mobile devices. It has two slots for fitting cards in exactly the same way as my Galaxy A34, but the instructions for the Galaxy tablet that I can fit in both a SIM card + an SD card back to back into a single slot. I have never tried this. Can anyone conform that Samsung has this magic 1 slot handles 2 cards feature and, if so, maybe my Galaxy A34 could take a total of three cards after all?