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(Topic created on: 15-04-2024 08:00 PM)
Does anyone know how I can make an official complaint and get someone within Samsung to take ownership.

Phone is less than two months old and doesn't work.

I bought a phone for my son and the speaker is faulty, I have spent hours calling various departments to try and get resolved but no one is willing to help.
All they seem concerned about is the survey at the end of the call. 

I've been charged £19.95 convenience charge for an engineer to repair next day but was a 5 day wait, this has now been changed again and now expected to wait another week as no parts in stock.

How is that convenience???

Refuse to refund or replace handset and left with a phone that doesn't work. 

Customer service has been appalling and get nowhere. Its so frustrating. 

I have had to request a refund through my credit card company as im at my wits end.

Anyone know someone higher up within Samsung that I can contact? 
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Hey there

Sorry to hear of your troubles.

If you've actioned a section 75 claim via your card company, you should get your money back.

I would then get an alternative device and let this issue go before it eats up too much of your life that you won't get back.

You can speak to Complaints by calling Samsung Online Shop and selecting the Complaints option. I did and got an English Speaking agent who was very good but I'm aware that isn't seen as the norm.
Thanks for your reply.

Its just so so frustrating.

I'll give that a try. Thanks again
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Hi @Eddb 

It could be that the particular repair house has parts delays, but another may have the parts.

The alternative is to send the phone to Samsung but I appreciate this means you'll not have the phone for a while until they send it back. 

As the phone is older than 2 weeks Samsung offer a Repair,  not a replacement unless they can't repair the phone ,and no refund. This is there terms we agree to when purchasing. 

You do have rights under the Consumer-rRghts-Act-2015 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate to ask.  😎 

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