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Battery Drain on Galaxy A33

(Topic created on: 04-12-2022 04:54 PM)
Galaxy A Series

I have seen that all the users of the Galaxy A33 (including me) for months have problems with the battery.


On average we usually have a 4-5h SOT with a 5000mah battery. Some users comment that this problem arose from an update in June (I bought it in September).
Is it known if Samsung is working on a solution? I have already tried to do a hard reset but the problem persists.
Thank you!
Big Cheese
Galaxy A Series

Hello @Diego_LittleLion ,

First of all, this is the Samsung community forum in Spain, if you were looking for support in English I think you might be looking for this forum ->

Anyway, it seems to be a problem related to the update, possibly one of the latest security patches.

Possibly they are already aware of this and will be working on a hotfix to fix it as soon as possible.

I was just going to say if you could try a soft-reset or a hard-reset, but you've already done that... you'll have to wait.

Best regards!