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APTX support


Does the A70 support APTX and if so which version of APTX (Low latency, HD, Adaptive, etc.?




Hi, mate! 


I have tried to enable the APTX feature on my Note 9. 


First, you'll need to enable the developers option in the Settings of your phone. (To enable, please go to Settings> About device/phone> Software information> Tap fast the ''build number'' for almost 5 times)


Once enabled, please go back to Settings> Developers option> Look for Bluetooth Audio codec and change it to APTX.


Hope that it may help! 



The multi-page thread at is about very frustrated users of Note 9 not having APTX with either Android 8 be or Android 9 update.


Samsung is out of line.


Andrew (moderator), stop ignoring my post or I will use the Internet to further expose Samsung for not supporting APTX


Hi @Chris140 ,


I've put your query forward to our software team to get a definitive answer on this one. Me or one of the other Mods will let you know what the developers reply with. :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

Hi all.


The developers have confirmed that aptX should be available on the latest Samsung smartphone devices - including the A70.


As for specific versions, aptX HD was found to be suspectible to audio chopping whilst streaming during the developers' tests, so they've opted to implement aptX Adaptive support instead. Nothing definitive from them in the 'when' that will be implemented though, but likely to come in a future software update.

Even if timescaled not definitive yet, good to know that  APTX will be supported in the adaptive format in due course, though  pity problem with the HD.   Some technical information here:





Yesterday the S20, the latest and greatest Android phone was released..........   WITHOUT APTX.\


I want you to find out WHY.  




Don't ignore my post. 

Really need the APTX HD support on the newer phones. I am on A51 with APTX and the bluetooth quality is abysmal. Like unbearably bad. 


I was using Oneplus 3T, which is a 3-year old phone, and it perfectly supports APTX HD. Switched just to try out my first Samsung phone. How can a phone (A51) this recent be not supporting such a fundamental technology for bluetooth earphone users?



It was previously reported in this thread that samsung were supporting Adaptive APTX and not APTX HD  as the Developer tests revealed a  issue  with Audio chopping,I am not aware of any change but Moderators may be able to confirm. 


According to What Hifi, Adaptive APTX will replace  APTX HD at some point. 



I'm getting sick of this. I want a straight answer from Samsung.


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