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Aperture setting in Pro manual camera settings A52 5G phone

(Topic created on: 18-12-2022 04:34 PM)
Helping Hand

Hi there - would there be any reason Samsung have put an Aperture F-Stop (you know for selecting F2.4 or F8 or F11 etc..)  setting in the Pro settings of the stock camera app on the A52 5G phone? does the flagship phones like the S22 have an aperture F-stop setting? 

I see the ISO , Shutter Speed ,EV and Focus and White balance but it seems strange to include those settings but no put a F-stop Aperture setting , well i think so. When I experiment using manual controls on camera's and the like I like to be able to set the aperture as well along with the other manual settings.

If not available in the manual settings of the samsung stock camera app can anyone point me to a good 3rd party camera app in the play store that has manual settings and that include the aperture F-stop setting please?

many thanks. 





Logan Bradford
First Poster

Andy, did you ever find an answer to your question here? I have a Galaxy S22 and would also like to control aperture and depth of field more manually. Is there a good 3rd party app that allows control of it?

Helping Hand

no I haven't actually found anything yet , still looking. 
the only workaround is that have  found a couple of third party camera apps on the play store where I can change cameras on the back. So if I want everything in focus and no depth of field I can select just the wide angle lens on the back only and no depth of field (ie blurred background) but then its a bit distorted/fish eye because its the wide angle lens