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Android 12 bricked my phone

(Topic created on: 25-05-2022 04:58 PM)
my own true self
First Poster

Galaxy A51 was updated to android 12 a couple weeks ago. ever since then the phone was running incredibly slow, unresponsive & laggy, ie switching apps took up to 15 seconds. opening the camera app could take anywhere from 30s to a minute. apps would crash during use constantly. 

a couple days ago my phone turned itself off at around 10% battery. got stuck in a boot up screen loop, turning off and booting up over and over but never going past the samsung logo. thought maybe the battery was struggling so i put it on charge and nothing. i looked this up and done a hard reset, which worked. phone slower than ever and incredibly hot up the top of the phone, i mean almost burning my hand hot. had been on charge for a while prior but after the hard reset was now at 3% battery. charged fine whilst on though.

couple of days after this incident it happened again. loading screen loop. but this time it wouldn’t turn on. hard reset done nothing. charging it showed a charge symbol but no indication it was charging and would remain after taking it off for a couple minute. hard reset would bring me back to the loading screen loop but sometimes it would freeze on the loading screen for 10m at a time until i tried again. couldn’t bring up the bios, couldn’t hard reset,nothing. battery is in the bottom/middle of the phone but it was the top heating up incredibly fast so i’m writing off battery problems here. i’ve had it maybe a couple of years. small cracked screen from the first week i got it but no other issues. it worked perfectly until the update and looking it up came back with hundreds of results of other models having the same lag issues and a good many had been bricked. what do i do here? i don’t want to have to travel to a city to have it looked at