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A71 won't wake up using Google or Bixby

(Topic created on: 09-02-2023 12:53 AM)
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Galaxy A Series
My new Samsung A71 will not wake through lockscreen using either google assistant or bixby, i tried turning off always on display same issue.

if my phone is sleeping i cannot use google assistant, it will not wake, if i press the button and wake the screen i can then use it. when the phone is on home screen i can use google assistant.

its really really really annoying, my old S9 no problems lost my phone? just shout ok google round the house until it responds. this one? cant do that.

i just want to be able to ask my phone questions or send text messages while its asleep like my OLD phone could.

all settings in google assistant are set to on. language is set correctly, assist app is set correctly i compared all the menus to my old phone they are all the same.

im just so frustrated please someone tell me the fix.