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A71 not getting updates


First of all love the phone however something has become evident, its not getting updates. I am UK unlocked, stuck on April patch, checking sammobile the middle east is stuck on January patch. The only version that seems to be getting updates is the north American A715W version.

This wouldn't be an issue were it not for the fact that I left Huawei P30 because it was only getting updates 2-3 times per year. Also last years A series is getting monthly updates. MY work A50 is on July patch and gets an update every month.

Why would this be? Not good service for a new phone, that's like the new iPhone SE not getting updates while the iPhone 7 is.

@dj1891: Updates are rolled out in batches, and can be subject to availability based on factors such as region, network provider and purchase date. If the phone is outside the region it was intended for use in, then this can also lead to compatibility issues with updates in the current region. All I can suggest is enabling automatic updates via Settings > Software Update > Auto Download over Wi-Fi, and going to Settings > Biometrics and Security > Other Security Settings > Security Policy Updates, and toggling the switch to keep up to date.

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