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A70 main camera focus issue


Hi guys,


I just bought a Galaxy A70 and I have a problem with the main camera.


When taking photos outdoors, these are out of focus. Even if I touch a point on the screen, I can see the image focusing on the subject for a split second and then getting out of focus. I tried different ratios (16:9, full, 3:4(H), 3:4), scene optimiser on and off and still I only get blurry images (which is quite annoying, since I was expecting an upgrade from the J7 Prime I was using).


I don't think there is something wrong with the camera itself, as it seems to focus properly if I choose to zoom in (even at just 1.2x). Wide camera also works properly.


Anybody else has this issue?




Hey @CalinP! Make sure that the lenses on the Camera are cleaned. Now, make sure that the phone's software is up to date by heading to: Settings > Software Update > Download Updates Manually. Then go to: Galaxy Apps > 3 dots (top right) > My apps > Update. If this doesn’t help, could you run a Hardware Test on the A70? Go to: Samsung Members app > Press Get help > Press Interactive checks > Camera. Is the Camera still blurry or it fails?


Hi CarloL and thanks for replying to my question.


I went through all the steps and the photos are still blurry. 


As a side note - not sure how the interactive checks work, but for the camera it just asked me to take a photo and then I had to decide for myself whether the photo looked good or not (w/o being able to zoom in or anything else). It didn't really feel the app was doing any checking or HW testing of its own...


Thanks for trying that! The Interactive check enables only the main camera system without any feature added so that the camera can act in its purest form. If the photos are still blurry, then you would need to visit your closest Samsung Support Centre to have a Samsung enginner to look at the phone for you. 

Attach some sample images... I'd like to see how blurry they are.

Images attached, details in captions.


Didn't have the chance to visit a Samsung Centre yet, plan to do that soon.

Main camera, no zoom, touched to focus on the building in the foregroundMain camera, no zoom, touched to focus on the building in the foreground


Main camera, zoomed in, auto focusMain camera, zoomed in, auto focus


Wide angle camera, auto-focusWide angle camera, auto-focus


The first image is the only one that looks troubling to me. When you tap the screen while using the regular camera, does a ring appear?

Yes, it does.


And the image focuses properly for a split second and then it gets blurryThis is how it looks when I tap the screen.This is how it looks when I tap the screen.


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I'm having a similar issue, except the camera wont focus properly in any mode. Aside from a great battery life, this phone is a POS compared to my S8!! :face-with-rolling-eyes:


Yeah I have that in my a8 too. Super annoying but I think it's because these phones use PDAF autofocusing compared to regular ones on j7 and A3 2016( which I had without this issue). It is more accurate but not as reliable as regular focusing. I still think it could be resolved though as on my device it only happens at short distances

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