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A51 Stuck at logo

(Topic created on: 09-10-2020 12:38 PM)
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i already tried to press the power and volume down together, power and volume up together, and also power + volume up + volume down together but still the logo keeps appearing. I cant make the blue screen shows up to delet cache partion or hard reset. Can someone help me please?

Galaxy M51
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I am also facing the same problem I bought this device 16 months ago  visited the authorized service center they said that we have replace the mother board it will cost up to 10000 INR can I get discount on this price but my warranty is out of date

Can I get details about your discount what procedure I have to follow to get discount now 

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I happen to have mine resolved. I tried all the suggestions in the comments above but they didn't seem to work. The phone restarts alright after following the steps but the screen kept loading 'Phone is starting'. It continued for more than 4 hrs. I usually keep my phone on Power Saving Mode so this problem happened in power saving mode after I updated my phone's software. 

But I figured a way to access my applications despite my screen not changing.

1. I swipped down to access the notification panel.

2. On the top right of the screen just below your phone's battery icon (or anywhere you see the settings button), click on the Settings button.

3. From this point, go to Applications, click on any of the applications you want to access and click on Open. The application will be launched normally. You can access any part of your phone with these steps. However, the 'Phone is starting' will still be running in the background.

I was comfortable with this solution for a while but I discovered another one which permanently solved the issue.

I swiped down again to access my notification panel and turned off the Power Saving Mode by clicking on the icon. The transition back to battery (normal) mode happened immediately. The 'Phone is starting' was no longer showing. My phone now functions perfectly.

If you do not have the icon on easy access, click on the settings button and navigate to Device maintenance or Device and Battery, click on Battery and enable Power Saving Mode. If your display becomes misaligned, keep switching between Power Saving Mode and Battery (normal) mode

Hope this helps.


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I've had the same issue with my wife's phone, boot loop continuously, occasionally starting up and then freezing and going back in to boot loop. I tried all the usual steps above to no avail. I had to replace the phone as it wasn't functional, but not everything was backed up, so had to get to some of the stuff on the device and I found a weird way to do it, thought I would add it here just in case it helps someone.

Looking at all the sites I could, it seemed apparent that in most cases it's a motherboard issue. I eventually worked out that the issue was possibly due to heat causing the unit to fail (and this in just general use and charging heat). I ended up allowing the phone to drain it's battery to stop the loop and shut down, I then charged it fully and then put it in the fridge. This left it cold enough so that the unit allowed me to restart it, do all that I needed to to get everything copied and backed up. As soon as it was out of the fridge and warmed up again, it went back in to loop.

Not a solution, but may help get to stuff that might be stuck on the device.