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A51 Bluetooth issues



I've always enjoyed my Samsung smart phones, but not my new A51. I have a serious problem with bluetooth. Bluetooth connection keeps disconnecting and/or stuttering. I have a feeling its software is buggy. Has anyone faced this issue and if yes, do you know of a solution? I have updated the software to the latest version.


** Further updates (4-Feb-2020): today while playing an audio book on my bluetooth headset (Samsugn Level U), voice disappeared and I could only hear noise; I had to restart the phone to resolve the issue (back to Windows 98 theme); I hope Samsung can resolve this asap. It is a serious issue.


** Update (10-Feb-2020): i have just installed the update A515FXXU2ATA8/A515FOJM2ATB1/A515FXXU2ATA8 size: 351.39 MB (dated: Feb 1, 2020). will start testing and provide updates in a few days. 


** Update (14-Feb-2020): after a few days of testing, I can confirm the Bluetooth issues no longer exist. I have been playing Bluetooth audio and no disconnections or stuttering occurs. 




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Hi guys, 


Try this.


1) in 'settings', search 'bluetooth'.

2) you will see 'App info Bluetooth' and tap it (not 'Connections Bluetooth'). 

3) go to 'battery'.

4) go to 'optimise battery usage'

5) make Bluetooth become 'apps not optimised'.


Let me know whether it helps. Thanks.




I just kept checking for updates on a dialy basis and the latest update I received solved the issue. I guess it is a matter of Samsung rolling out the update to your country.



What's the software number that you downloaded that works. Because I see the ATA8 software with February security patch but was told don't don't download because it doesn't fix the BT issue.

Imba - Thanks I tried it and it made no difference on or off.


I have updated to A51FXXU2ATB1 / A515FOJM2ATB2 and the problem does not happen as often as it used to. Just curious, has anyone test if this problem occurs with Galaxy Buds? If it doesn't happen with them i might consider buying them since they also get positive reviews.


try to turn on wifi, its still disconected or not?
i have upgraded to latest BTB1 for A7 but still experiencing BT connection issues:/

Hi from Latvia, 

I have the same blutooth issues as others. I just recetly got my phone back from warranty service and they told me that they have changed motherboard and sub board. I thought that my blutooth problem will be finally fixed, but no it didnt fix anything and it was useless. Now Im just hoping for some update to fix this issue.


Hi There,


@Ice-Rabbit wrote:

Hiya, yes I can confirm that    solution on page 13 did do the thing for me.

Took a while to dicide to make the effort but I'm enjoying now the full function of BT Music without interuption.


I've SM-A515F PHN (Netherlands) model.

- Downloaded the old firmware On Sammobile from 15-December: A515FXXU1ASKJ A515FOXM1ASKJ

- Downloaded and installed Odin3 (Same site has it and instructions)

- Backup device

- Removed SIM & SD card

- Entered Loading menu (Power down. Vol-up & Power together, select bootloader)

- Flashed with old firmware.

- Going to setup menu with less config as possible. NO WIFI !!!!!

- Entered Developer Options. (In telephone info / Software .. / tapping 7x Buildnr.)

- Disabled automatic update system (In developer options below Telephone Info)


- Restored backup, and a lot of manual configuration.


But it was worth the time.

Think I'll look back here in a couple of weeks and see if the new firmware will solve the issue. Until then no updating the firmware !!



After the downgrade will the device status remain official? Is warranty voided? Thank you!


I cheched again in download mode. My knox counter stayed the same 0x0. 
So warranty in my case is OK.