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A51 Bluetooth issues



I've always enjoyed my Samsung smart phones, but not my new A51. I have a serious problem with bluetooth. Bluetooth connection keeps disconnecting and/or stuttering. I have a feeling its software is buggy. Has anyone faced this issue and if yes, do you know of a solution? I have updated the software to the latest version.


** Further updates (4-Feb-2020): today while playing an audio book on my bluetooth headset (Samsugn Level U), voice disappeared and I could only hear noise; I had to restart the phone to resolve the issue (back to Windows 98 theme); I hope Samsung can resolve this asap. It is a serious issue.


** Update (10-Feb-2020): i have just installed the update A515FXXU2ATA8/A515FOJM2ATB1/A515FXXU2ATA8 size: 351.39 MB (dated: Feb 1, 2020). will start testing and provide updates in a few days. 


** Update (14-Feb-2020): after a few days of testing, I can confirm the Bluetooth issues no longer exist. I have been playing Bluetooth audio and no disconnections or stuttering occurs. 




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Question would be then how to get the ASL4 update in Germany after the ASL6 caused the problems... Hope there will be an update soon, it is really annoying.

Hang in there the update should be coming out soon in Europe. But just keep checking regularly 

are u from vietnam?

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I have the same issues with my a51

No from U.S.

 Keep checking for updates. The new software is out that fixed the Bluetooth problem 

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Just want to chime in to say I am also having troubles with Bluetooth audio and wifi on my A51.  This problem did not occur until Samsung updated my phone today (the annoying Bixby install)...  This is obviously disappointing, how did they not proof this?!  All we can do is hope that they fix this in further updates. 


The workaround is to use 5ghz wifi if you have the option.  Personally, I might be able to trade my phone in for another model... 


I'm facing the same issue with my A51. 

Habe auch dasselbe Problem. Unerträglich Musik zu hören. Eine Schande für Samsung. Man muss jetzt zum Zweithandy greifen. Wenn Samsung nicht schnell nachkorrigiert wars das. 

Same bluetooth audio problems after 2. Feb update.


No update available in Slovenia. 


The phone is broken and I send it back for a refund. Going to buy another phone.

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