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A51 Bluetooth issues



I've always enjoyed my Samsung smart phones, but not my new A51. I have a serious problem with bluetooth. Bluetooth connection keeps disconnecting and/or stuttering. I have a feeling its software is buggy. Has anyone faced this issue and if yes, do you know of a solution? I have updated the software to the latest version.


** Further updates (4-Feb-2020): today while playing an audio book on my bluetooth headset (Samsugn Level U), voice disappeared and I could only hear noise; I had to restart the phone to resolve the issue (back to Windows 98 theme); I hope Samsung can resolve this asap. It is a serious issue.


** Update (10-Feb-2020): i have just installed the update A515FXXU2ATA8/A515FOJM2ATB1/A515FXXU2ATA8 size: 351.39 MB (dated: Feb 1, 2020). will start testing and provide updates in a few days. 


** Update (14-Feb-2020): after a few days of testing, I can confirm the Bluetooth issues no longer exist. I have been playing Bluetooth audio and no disconnections or stuttering occurs. 




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I have recieved an update today (130MB) in size which fixed my Bluetooth issue completely. It also improved my camera a lot. There is less noise in the pictures and they look better especially in low light. 

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-07 at 1.35.37 PM.jpeg

There is another update that will come out soon, which will include the February secuirty patch. Here is some info about it:
"The latest February 2020 security patch update primarily fixes several high and critical security issues in the devices, as per Google’s Android bulletin website. This flaw could have allowed a remote attacker using a specially crafted file to execute arbitrary code within the context of a privileged process. Samsung's patch notes itself includes 30 other improvements for the One UI interface and applications." -

Seems like the new update ATA4/ASL4 is working. No stuttering.  FYI The update is available in the U.S. aslo  Thanks Samsung for getting this problem fixed !!! 

still waiting the update to go live in Indonesia

Still waiting in Germany

Still waiting in France.

Thanks guys for giving a temporary solution. When there's wifi and BT on, audio streaming stutters.... so wifi needs to be switched off..... but I heard that there's a February update coming soon.... having high hopes..... p.s. I'm from middle east

Great that the new update ATA4/ASL4 seems to fix te problem. Look forward to get the update in the Netherlands

Ist the ASL4 update newer than the ASL6 that was released in Germany earlier this week?

Lower number usually does not indicate something newer... ?

I'm not sure but it fixed the Bluetooth problem. Been testing the connectivity for like 2 hours on all my Bluetooth devices and no issue so far.

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