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A50 - VERY low Call volume

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No TL&DR, i litereally cannot make a call from the outside (nor from a shop), bacause the volume is so low i cannot hear anything(!!!). It's fairly okey from a quite room. 

  • Absolutely no problem with my ears
  • Call volume is maxed out
  • The speaker seems clean
  • The phone is ~2 month old 

I tried my best, looking it up on forums, etc but still no luck. I cannot believe that i just bought a useless thrash, so please give me some useful advice or more like a solution.

Thanks in advance.

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Superuser I

Are you raising the call volume while within a call ? Just checking.


If so and no case or screen protector is perhaps hindering the volume then I'd suggest to visit a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre for them to have hands On with the phone @brendokl 



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.

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Make sure that the volume slider you are maxing out is the 'Call Volume' one. Also, try putting the call on speaker mode and putting the bottom part of the phone against your ear. It sounds like your earpiece grill might be defective or blocked by something. If you're absolutely sure you did not cause this problem, try reaching out to whoever sold you the phone.

I'm having same problem I cannot hear anything and no we are not that stupid this phone is junk I've had for 2 months ...I used to sell cell phones so no its internal issue do not buy the A50 I repeat do not buy the A50




I've had this problem now since I updated my software. It's really quiet on a call, but is fine if using ear plugs. I can't see any settings that may change this. Call volume is at max. I have to put people on speaker to hear them on a call.


There is a video showing how to replace speaker on YouTube that's how common this problem is 

Is this occurring for all contacts, or just certain ones? Are you able to try your SIM card in another compatible phone, to see if this issue persists? If you dial *#0*# into your telephone keypad and select 'Speaker', can you hear the playback test clearly?
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