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A50 dropped in water for seconds, will there be long term damage?

(Topic created on: 13/07/20 06:47)
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My girlfriend has a Galaxy A50 (2019). Earlier on, about an hour ago, she dropped the phone in water by accident, but in less than 2 seconds pulled it back out and dried it off as best she could. 


The phone is currently still working. Speakers are fine and it is charging. No problems with the screen either. We just have is sat under a fan now. 


Some people online seem to think it has IP68 water resistance, but some people seem to think it isn't water resistant at all. 


Rather than find out the hard way, does anyone know if there could be any long term damage to worry about? And if so, what are the best ways to prevent major damage. 


Again, keep in mind it was in and out of the water in probably less then 2 seconds. 


Thanks in advance. 

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Hi @JerseyJack 


The phone does not have a ip rating thus it's not water resistant as far as i can see. I can't see any rating in the official Samsung specs although some tech bkigs say it is. Perhaps contact your Samsung Support Department to ask.


If you still have the retail box it will state it on there.


If the phone was turned Off immediately and not switched back On until it has fully dried you may still get some usage from it.


Also depends on what the liquid was.


The internal boards and components can fur up over time causing future issues too.


That said you maybe one of the lucky ones and the phone just carries on working  :smiling-face:


Even an ip rating does not guarantee everything will be OK.


The manufacturing warranty would not cover water damage too.


🌈 Stay Safe & Stay Alert.  🌈 



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