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A40 verdict

(Topic created on: 15-03-2020 12:46 AM)

I am using the phone for more than 3 months and overall impressions aren't okish.
I purchased this device because of its dimensions - it seems to be the smallest relatively capable phone on the market for a reasonable price. And here the good ends.
The biggest issue I have with the phone is when somebody calls me and I answer, there is period of 2-3 seconds until when they can hear me. So I say twice "Alo, Alo" and then I can start the conversation.
The loudspeaker of the phone is terrible - I really can't hear nothing if I play youtube video (so I don't even try).
The phone comes with AMOLED display, but doesn't have any always on display nor notification light and I constantly check for emails and SMS since this is my business phone and it is in silent mode.
The screen isn't great on direct sunlight, but it is acceptable.
The phone doesn't have haptic feedback. I like phones with good vibration to respond to my actions.
The battery life for my usage is OK - 2 days, but as I said the phone is only for calls, emails and SMS messages.
As conclusion I can say this phone is for people who don't want to carry shovel in their pockets and are ready to live with its shortages.
I hope that Android 10 update will bring AOD feature and will fix connection delay issues.


Hi @Boogienights i have an a40  android 10 is on its way we will get in the next week or 2 its been realesed in italy ryt now so wont be long till it hits or phones. Also with some of the issues your having have u tried wiping the cache from recovery mode and u could try a factory reset if that fails only issue ive had is my speaker turns on for no reason but after ive wiped the cache its stopped doing it.Screenshot_20200316-111914_Samsung Internet.jpg