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A21s - Fake?

(Topic created on: 02/12/20 06:01)
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hi I got Samsung galaxy A21s i believe this Mobil is fack copy of chain and also camera is not good as should be so bleary jus bought 3weeks ago how come carphone wear house they do such low priced copy phone to peopl like my wife' she didn't have experience to know how mobile phone look like good or fack copy and how got responsibility for kind of phone they made us stupid and like not humans sold it to sorry I dont know how where to start first step.i appreciated for you guys to advice me what to do.kind regard k mehrani

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Superuser I
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Hi @Cameron12 


Carphone Warehouse in my dealings with them smooth sell copy phones. 


I'm in the UK.


The a21 is a mid priced range phone but it's functions and features should still work.


Look in the About Phone section of the phone and it'll show you its information. 


Also the Phoneinfo and CPU-Z app will also show more information about it.


If you feel the phone isn't working as it should be then first back up and factory reset.


If that does not work then get in touch with CPW Customer services and ask for a replacement is my advice.


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I very much doubt they will sell a copy. copy phones are available but ive never heard at all once that CPW sell fake phones.

all I can say is I agree with BandofBrothers, I'm guessing the salesman may have hyped up the phone too much. when you play on a A21s then play on a Note20 Ultra you really notice a difference in quality, speed... you feel that premium side from the more expensive units.