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A12 people I call can't hear me.

(Topic created on: 07-01-2022 05:00 PM)
Brand new A12, four days old. People cant hear when I call them sometimes and other times they can. Phoned samsung helpline twice. Did everything they said  but problem still not solved. Latest suggestion from their employee is that I return the phone to where I git it. Its a shame as I've never had samsung before and other than this I like it. Anyone have any suggestions whats wrong? Thanks.
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I am having the exact same problem! People say I sound as if I am under the sea! I had a brand new A12 for a while, then dropped it, got a recon one from Tesco & no one can hear me. SO frustrating. It's a new SIM too, so that is not the issue. I think it is an issue with this model itself. Am going to take it back to Tesco to see if they can help - but not holding my breath! And for me it is so unnatural to be speaking into the bottom of the phone! I am a hearing aid user and I constantly have to move the phone around so I can hear properly, then move it back so I am speaking into the bottom - and STILL.cannot be heard! Grrrr!

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I have a Samsung A12 and it has just started playing up when I try to phone someone. I can hear them perfectly clearly but they say I sound like a robot breaking up and then it cuts out. My phone is up to date with updates. I've had it for a year and don't understand why it keeps happening. People can phone me no problem and they can hear me perfectly well. But when I try to make a call its impossible. I've had lots of Samsung mobiles in the past and this has got to be the worse one.