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If the TV is less than 28days old you could return it even though retailer may try and fob you off. If like me it's 2 months old your stuffed, lesson learnt, switch off auto updates on all internet attached items. And check for before allowing it. 


Your best bet is to keep in contact with the Support Team, but if anything comes up I'll post here! I'm switching over with the lovely @CarolinaW at 3pm, so she'll be able to come back to you, if we've any further updates.


Hang fire for now!



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Any updates on this? Its now over 90 hours since my TV stopped working and no updates at all.


Looking at the posts this has been going on for other longer than that so you can't tell me you dont have any updates!!!



My retailer has told me they wouldn't be able to refund the TV because it wasn't faulty when I bought it, please can we have an update?

Can a engineer not just come round with the old software on a usb stick or something?

If you could update as soon as possible. 

Thank you. 


How do I contact support from Germany? My MU6409 stopped working... only plays a channel and doesn't respond to the remote or anything at all. the whole OS glitched after the update.

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Same Problem here with my MU6409, only splashscreen and then nothing works.


Not sure how to contact from Germany but you will just be told an update is coming,  If I get any information on when and how it will be implimented I will post on this thread. You could try the live chat to speak direct with Samsung.


Hopefully we hear something soon, last spoke to Samsung today, no new info.

Thanks a lot for the info. I hope they can solve it. I just passed my return limit in Amazon so It's my only hope!

I am also having the same problems,  tv has only been used for a week after moving home, keep getting the same answer and am almost at the point where the retailer will no longer take the tv back.

There must be an answer by now or as said by others, roll back the update.

I am paying for a tv licence and virgin media that I can't use as my brand new samsing tv has been crippled by samsung, there must be more info than "it is being investigated"


Can someone from Samsung provide an update please??


The level of customer service here is shocking with a number of customers asking for feedback but in no instance has anyone offered any support other then ask people to call in which is pointless


I hope you have this resolved soon as the claims from customer for services which we are all paying for is going up by the day as this is a fault caused by Samsung and NOTHING to do with any customer fault


I look forward to being ignored once again!!!

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