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Hi all.


Just a post to say that we do appreciate the inconvenience to you all here, and that our TV guys are working on the solution to this issue as their top priority currently.


As soon as we hear of any update on the situation from the Samsung end, we’ll definitely let you all know.

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After 30 messages and 6 days moderator answer something....

I have contacted "lack of Customer Services" via chat every day and get the same responces,
           "We got a new information that the new software would be automatically updated in your TV once it is available but unfortunately the date of release is not yet specified.";
          "We do apologise for the inconvenience Trevnal. We hope you can bear with us in regards with this issue";
          "we do apologise for the inconvenience";


This is so poor, Samaung must know they messed up badly, and seam to be burying their heads in the sand. No real information, no real updates.. I have been given the same info or answers since Thursday last week.

This really shows me that Samsung has a disrespect of their cusomers.


Just spoken to customer services again and they have absolutely no idea when this will be fixed.


They will not issue refunds and they will not declare my tv to be beyond repair and enable me to get a refund.


A company ***** beyond measure


Don't know if this will help but been looking at check out consumer rights, section 75 refunds if you paid by credit card. I used some of the facts from it and my retailer will try and repair/ exchange if fault not sorted by end of month. 


Would prefer a refund and buy another tv from another manufacturer but in the meantime my phone upgrade will not be a Samsung S8. 


Totally discussed with the lack of information, support and general ignorance of this company.


I wouldn't be confident of relying on S75 to be honest.


I have spoken to Samsung again and they anticipate a statement on Friday or Saturday. They have said that when they are fixes no compensation  will be given 


I have spoken with customer services and emailed the CEO, I did receive a reply saying an engineer can be sent out to restore my tv so that I can use it and to restore my faith in the brand but I can't see that this would be done before my 30 days to return expire.

I have contacted my retailer and they have been amazing, I will be returning my Samsung tv this Saturday and changing for LG thanks to the support they have given.

This will be the last samsung product I ever own and as soon as I am able to change my mobile phone from samsung I will do so.

This is without a doubt the worst service I have ever received especially when the problem has been caused by the company that makes the product.

Good luck to all those that have passed the 30 days, I hope you manage to get somewhere eventually.


Its clear that Samsung do not give a ***** about their customers once they have had our money.


They will not release a statement becayse they are concerned it will hit sales and overshadow a launch of a new phone which might not burst into flames like the others?


So I would encourage all to email the following and explain that you are one of thousands who have been treated in this way



Lets get Samsung the publicity they deserve



Well done on this previous post! I was thinking about this very thing yesterday and wondered if the consumer-rights/trade press were aware of this fiasco. 


It would seem that Samsung are indeed attempting to keep this situation under wraps - shame on them. We're now one full week on from the first reported fault and yet continue to be without a solution - disgraceful. 


Samsung have shown a total lack of interest in communicating with affected customers. And as for finding a 'fix', if my so-called experts at work took a week to solve a technical problem THEY CAUSED they'd be looking for new jobs....


Time to blow Samung's coverup. 


Hi all.


We've had it confirmed that the solution that our TV guys have been testing works. It would need to be installed by an approved Samsung engineer, so please contact our TV Support teams so they can arrange a suitable appointment for you.

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