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Bixby and the ui plus other gripes

(Topic created on: 16-11-2019 01:31 PM)

I've really grown to like one ui compared to touchwiz ,its a step forward ,with me been on the beta though I'm going to address the things I still find irritating .

* Bixby 

It's not as good as assistant and I dont think it ever will be but to make it worth using please make the Bixby feed when you swipe right worthwhile. 

There is not enough  options on it ,twitter just shows trending ,upday news app is poor ,alarms are accessed by my clock widget, the instant games is gimmicky ,giphy is pointless been on there .

Why can we not integrate apps into it properly like facebook ,twitter ,google news ,bbc news ,bbc sport and it be done like the old windows phones used to do but in a feed ? We need apps that are useful and will make us check the Bixby feed out because at the moment I'm using nova with google companion because that's what I go to for the useful information .

*Home screen icons 

Android is about customisation and freedom on the OS so would it not be possible to remove the icon labels ? We know what apps are by the icons ,it looks so messy with text all over the home screen .

*Battery life 

I've never found samsung phones that great with battery life tbh ,I own an s10 plus and no matter what settings I change ,whether it be put on dark mode ,disable apps running etc,  the battery always performs the same with about 6 and half to 7 hours sot, I'm hoping for once Samsung goes big on battery saving with one ui 2.0 and android 10.

*Live focus in low light 

I love the s10 plus camera and its packed with features but the one thing that has been poor on Samsung camera for a while now is live focus in low light ,its good that wide angle has been added to pull it back to get the object in the shot easier now but in low light it just looks so poor .

*Clock and weather widget 

Please add more clock widgets for the home screen and maybe a dynamic weather one too ,would be a nice feature .

*Notification light 

Was gutted you removed this ,if my phone was left on the side and I was doing something else all I had to do was glance over and see if it was flickering ,if not I didn't need to check my phone, imo this is helpful for digital wellbeing too.

That's all for now 

Thank you


Helping Hand

Hi @Christo1986,

Great write up, your suggestions are similar to what others have suggested so you are not alone with these gripes.

I have just written a post in the Suggestions part of the forum, which outlines all the most requested features. 

Please head over to the post and show it some support (like and comment) the more it gets the more chance of implementation.


On my S10+ powered by Android 10 improved by One UI 2.0,
Ben Ginders
I've only been with Samsung a short time, but the one thing I'm getting used to is removal of functionality, so I wouldn't get your Hope's up!
Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator

Hi @Christo1986 


Thank you for sharing your opinion and for explaining exactly which features and why are bothersome for you.

Like @BenGinders has said, in Suggestions category on Beta Community, there is a post that sums up most of the options you have mentioned.

So be sure to leave a like there, to show your support for it too! :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type: