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4th UK Beta Binary

Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator

Hello everyone!


You should be able to download the 4th Beta Binary now :party-popper:

The version name is ZSKF.


Major bugs that have been fixed:

- Black screen appears when device is unlocked using fingerprint
- 'Call/text on other devices'  text constantly appears
- The date is not shown in AOD Photo Mode
- AOD animation frames drop
- Camera zoom and camera mode icons overlap
- Photos taken with a Camera are not displayed in the Gallery
- Status bar disappears while using the Internet app
- Device care widget display error
- Music quality is significantly worse after the update


@TomaszT 5th Beta arrived today morning UK time.


@BenGinders  still no battery graph for me. You got them now? 😂


Beta 5 here the battery graph  shows in mine when in press battery usage it shows it fine.

Also I'm glad the gallery bugs are being fixed had many issues with the gallery and photos.....


Still no top graph on battery usage for me.

Still no way to see screen on time since last full charge.



Battery graph still absent for me at the moment, randomly appears then goes, also the double tapping on always on display clock to bring up brightness toggle still absent, guessing this is a feature what has been deleted as I've reported every beta so far 


Screenshot_20191121-111531_Device care.jpg

My screen running beta 5?

Also I noticed a new fast wireless charging option in the new beta?


@Graykenhill so far I've seen bugs fixed, and any "bug" not fixed within a couple of betas is feature removal. 

I've had battery graph bugs fixed that I've reported, but time since last full charge is clearly feature removal as I've reported that every time I reported the bugs that are now fixed. 


@adylee the fast wireless charging option has been around for a few betas, although some people said its been there since android 9, but I never noticed it before these betas 🤷‍♂️


I heard this too but never did see it in android 9

I dont use the cable fast charging option I just noticed the fast wireless charging option today.

As its something I wouldn't go to again normally after the initial set up 🤭


Just updated to 5th. Top battery graph not working, but everything seems to be good just the same as beta 4.

The swipe up gesture from middle bottom is now working perfectly.


Hi @BambiD,

I have just managed to figure it out:face-with-tears-of-joy:

Go to Settings>Apps>click 3 dots icon>Show System Apps> Search for 'Samsung Device Health Manager Service'>Storage> then Clear Cache & Clear Data


Warning this does clear your battery log history so it will show blank on both charts but after a couple of hours I can see the Graph again.Screenshot_20191121-184917_Device care.jpg




On my S10+ powered by Android 10 improved by One UI 2.0,
Ben Ginders