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4th UK Beta Binary

Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator

Hello everyone!


You should be able to download the 4th Beta Binary now :party-popper:

The version name is ZSKF.


Major bugs that have been fixed:

- Black screen appears when device is unlocked using fingerprint
- 'Call/text on other devices'  text constantly appears
- The date is not shown in AOD Photo Mode
- AOD animation frames drop
- Camera zoom and camera mode icons overlap
- Photos taken with a Camera are not displayed in the Gallery
- Status bar disappears while using the Internet app
- Device care widget display error
- Music quality is significantly worse after the update


May be @BenGinders I'll check and report.

Should be there today sometimes i often get them early hours.

I would check tomorrow after a full charge :winking-face: as it is based on a full day of charge/off charge

On my S10+ powered by Android 10 improved by One UI 2.0,
Ben Ginders

@BambiD wrote:

Battery usage section in device management still dont show the vertical bars of Last 7 days use which was shown in 1st beta @TomaszT .

I've sent feedback for each update, last a few days ago and again now.

The one a few days ago had this response:20191118_183811.jpg



Another big step backward I've just found 🤦‍♂️ honestly, for me this Android 10 update is turning into a removal of features I use most.


Alarms are now grouped into one notification for the next hour, whereas on Android 9 and I'm sure previous betas, they were only displayed just 15 minutes before, and individually so if I had 10 alarms set in the next 15 minutes, dismissing a notification would only turn off that single alarm and not all 10.


I don't think I've ever been so disappointed in a software update. 





Any luck @BenGinders it's still not coming for me. I'm not even sure what exactly those bars indicate 


@BambiD I've charged fully last night then again overnight. So far still nothing on that graph for me.



Well reported for this beta as well also there has to be some indication on what that graph means. 


I've sent feedback again too.

Irrelevant now though, I've decided to go back to Android 9 tonight and I'll be staying there.

Too many features removed or changed for the worse, and not actually anything worth updating for. 

I wish the full screen in web browser would return the hide status bar option option still on the the note 9.