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Upgrade SSD on Galaxy Book Pro

(Topic created on: 28-01-2022 08:12 PM)

I have a relatively new Galaxy Book Pro Laptop, and so far, so good - a darn good machine.

I now propose to upgrade the 512 GB SSD to a Samsung 980 1 TB PCLe 3.0 NVMe M.2 SSD. This will not only give me much more storage (more than I will ever use) but should also usefully extend the lifetime of the SSD. I have already downloaded Samsung's own Data Migration software programme.

The process looks relatively straightforward as it is Samsung to Samsung periferals and uses Samsung software.  I have found a really good and easy to follow YouTube guide -  BUT - can anyone recommend a suitable enclosure that will do the job ?  There are many out there but most seem to have issues - I am sure other users have done this and know the best enclosure to use.

Thanks in advance for your help !



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The Sabrent M.2 enclosure is a good choice normally. I don't know if there are any compatibility issues with your Galaxy Book Pro or not though
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Did you know that if you do this upgrade yourself your invalidate the warranty? I have been in touch with Samsung on numerous occasions regarding upgrading my SSD. I have been told that the only authorised service centre is Digicare who can open the laptop and it maintain it's warranty. However, Digicare have told me on 3 separate occasions they do not do these upgrades. There is a huge flaw in the the marketing of these devices in the UK as there is no authorised service centre that can do any advertised upgrade to a Galaxy Book. I have an open complaint with them that is being looked into and I'm waiting still on an answer.


Hi Members_sXn3zcq,

Many thanks for reading and replying.

I suspected as much and changed tack/gave up on Samsung. I've now put a 500 gb Micro SD card in to raise the total storage to 1 Tb, and moved across a lot of routine and not-used-very-much stuff (photos, old documents etc) to free up space on the SSD.

It is ludicrous that you cannot get a simple upgrade to gain more SSD storage - it is an easy job (there is an extra mounting spot already in the computer) and you should be able to buy another matching or larger capacity SSD to fit. It would also make the computer even faster and better to use.

I now firmly believe that Samsung are excremental in their total lack of any customer support - they should be ashamed. But they just don't care. The pity of it is that I actually really like the laptop ......

Can you let me know what the outcome, if any, is with Samsung re. your complaint ?

Thank you again for taking the time to answer ....