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(Topic created on: 24-05-2024 01:32 PM)

Samsung Service Center Review: Disappointing and Disingenuous Experience
Date of Visit: March 30, 2024
Location: Samsung Service Center, Westfield Shopping City Süd, Vienna
Issue: Screen peeling and bubbling on Fold 4 (1.5 years old)

I visited the Samsung Service Center with high hopes, trusting the brand's reputation for my Fold 4's screen repair. Initially, the service seemed professional; the agent noted the screen issue and quoted a 69 EUR repair fee, which I accepted despite the lack of warranty coverage. However, my experience quickly soured upon collection of my device.

After the repair, my phone was unable to fully open, a problem that didn't exist prior to the service. The agent's immediate claim that this was a pre-existing condition was both shocking and insulting, directly contradicting his earlier assessment.

The agent’s demeanor was appalling. He was rude and dismissive, particularly when confronted with the new damage. His refusal to check the security footage, which could have easily resolved the dispute, suggested a potential dishonesty and lack of integrity.

The situation escalated when the agent, who also claimed to be the manager, continued to deny any responsibility. His persistent attempts to blame unrelated factors, like adhesive from my phone case or a minor, old impact, were frustrating and seemed like a clear attempt to mislead and shirk responsibility. On top of that he said that he did not inspect my phone before hand which is a lie as you need to open the screen to check the peeling display inside.

This experience was profoundly disappointing. The agent's rudeness both to me and especially to my wife, to whom she was told that she was not be spoken to when she tried to jump into the conversation and the apparent dishonesty in handling the situation have greatly diminished my trust in Samsung. It felt like a deliberate effort to cover up a mistake made during the repair process.

I tried to reach out to the call center when I came back to my country and after A LOT of failed attempts, I managed to do so, I finally reached someone willing to open a ticket for me. After 4 weeks of waiting the agent who handled my ticket found no issue with my case and just dismissed it. Of course, when I tried to reply nobody got back to me. This is 3 weeks now and still no reply or any sensitivity from a responsible person to check my case in more detail

I guess Samsung's policy is only to make sales and does not care about it's after-sale experience. 

I am now compelled to seek repairs elsewhere and reconsider my loyalty to Samsung products, which by the way amount to 700 eur . The lack of professionalism and accountability at this service center is alarming and should be a red flag for potential customers. 

I do not plan to buy any more products from them NO MATTER how good they are and I will also be selling both my phone and smartwatch. 


@Members_ZPPJDZh: I am very sorry to hear of your disappointment and frustration surrounding the service you have received following your repair service. This does come as a surprise, as our engineer's will typically carry out a detailed quality check during the repair process, to ensure that the device is returned to its factory specifications, and is as good as new. If there was an issue with the hinge or screen which prevented the phone from unfolding all the way then this should have been identified at the time, which may be why the employee you spoke with was not receptive of your claims. This naturally does not excuse the matter, but as they only have limited information to refer to regarding the outcome of the engineer's inspection, they will only have that as a reference point. 

If the repair was carried out in Vienna, then sadly it will not be possible for me to escalate your query from this position, as I am based in the UK. If you do have any concerns about the service you have received, and wish to make a complaint, then I recommend speaking with the Service Centre directly. I am unsure where you are currently based, however this would be the most effective course of action, should you wish to seek further support. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you. 

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