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Samsung SSD 860 QVO 2TB Firmware: RVQ02B6Q SN: S4CYNF0MB04294P - USB dropout

(Topic created on: 26-08-2022 07:14 PM)
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System setup:

- Dell Precision 5760 

- Windows 10

- This 860 QVC in a Icy Boz external enclosure as in the link below

This SSD has been transferred from an old system which only supported SATA/300 speeds. It is currently used for:

a) Storing my data on which is also synced to OneDrive

b) Running VirtualBox VM's off of.

I did have this drive in a slower USB3 interface eternal HDD case but wanted to make full use of

a) the drives speed and

b) full speed of a SATA/600 interface hence buying this Icy box enclosure.

I do ultimately want to replace this drive with a large capacity internal 2nd NVME M.2 4th Gen drive but cannot afford that right now.

The issue:

If I use the older USB3 HDD external enclosure with this drive I do not run into the following issue so this points me to a) an issue with this drive at the higher performance being put upon it via the USB 3.1 interface or an issue with the Icy Box.

Basically if I run the drive long enough with OneDrive files being synced with the cloud and I run a VM long enough the drive and/or connection to the drive drops out and it is no longer visible on the system. A reboot 'normally' fixes this issue but the last time I rebooted it was not good enough. I had to unplug then plug back in the drive before it showed again.

I have tired a 2nd Icy Box enclosure but initial indications show the same issue.

Monitoring the temperature with CrystalDiskInfo I have never seen this drive exceed 50 degrees C.


Is anyone able to point me in the correct direction as to what is causing this issue? A drive fault?