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Samsung slim fit camera

(Topic created on: 10-12-2022 04:57 PM)
Gra H
First Poster

Hi all,

My first ever post…. so hopefully not a silly question.


I own an M8 32 inch smart monitor and love the clean design, flawless camera and USBc.


Unfortunately it was not available in a 24 inch for another room setup so I deliberated between options with an inbuilt camera or usbc  The usbc won out and I am happy with ViewFinity S60UA QHD, USB-C Monitor.


I would like to add a web cam and was hoping I could add a slim fit magnetic option but recognise it would have to power through a USB. Not loving the additional wire but needs must.


Can the Samsung slim fit be used on the above monitor model please? Even with a bit of effort sticking it on and running power to usb? Or is there a premium, black  aesthetically decent Plan B please?

Thanks for any advice.