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Samsung SCX-3405 Scanner

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I have a Samsung scx-3405 multifunction printer.

Just had the latest Windows 10 upgrade.

Printer working fine but when I runnthe Scan Assitant software, cannot do anything - scan,amend changes...

Have tried various drivers but no good..

Anyone have a possible solution to this please?



Please see above! Thanks! 


I have also just registered to say thank you so much for this. You've saved me buying a new printer.


I'm running Mojave and had the same issue.. I've been wracking my brains for over 6 months with this retched thing. Thankyou to the writer of this post for finding the solution. For Mac download the lastest software drive at 

After installing all the 4 files packaged. When you go into the For Mac: Open the Applications folder > Samsung folder > .I went into scan assistant and it worked. finally.... just make sure you open all the folders in the zip and install all drivers.

thanks so much for this. I am running mac os 10.14 and after 6 months of no scanner, I finally was able to find the solution which started with your post.. thankyou... if you are on a mac and running mojave go here install all packages inside folder and then Open the Applications folder > Samsung folder >  scan assistant.. :smiling-face: very happy thankyou


This worked for me!  Thank you for providing the link.  I guess in 2020 HP still didn't add it to the SCX-3405W software and drivers as I downloaded everything they had and it still wouldn't work without downloading the Document Creator.


Thanks for the info.  It works great!  Can't seem to find the Document Creator for the 3405 on the HP site.


 Samsung scx-3405 multifunction printer check this page HP print doctor. the same handling, for the latest Windows 10 upgrade. I hope I will help someone




Thankyou so much, i was ready to deem printer scanner broken and throw it away. Very grateful..


Also just registered to like your comment. Thanks a lot man, this works! 

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