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Samsung Magician 6.3.0 crashes upon opening

(Topic created on: 12-07-2021 07:13 PM)
Computers & IT

I upgraded to version 6.3.0 a few days ago.  It appeared to install with no problem.  Once I opened the application I received a dialog box over the main display saying "Magician as encountered an error and cannot continue.  Press "OK" to launch the application again, or "Cancel" to quit the application."

Clicking "OK" only produces the same error.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled several change in result.

The last entry in the Samsung log file reads:  "19-03-2021 12:45:29 ERROR BFIT COL::ReadFeatureUsageFromFile 1097 Failed to read data from file: 0x2"

I have three Samsung SSD's in this PC:   an 830 Series,  an 850 EVO 250GB, and  a 860 EVO 1TB

I don't get the sense that the problem is with any of the SSD's, but rather the Samsung Magician Software.

My OS:   Windows 8.1

Any help is appreciated.


Ahmed Farrah
First Poster
Computers & IT

i don't have your problem with version 6.3.0 but once i update to this version i found it telling me that my 850 pro SSD doesn't support  (RAPID mode)

and this is not true because since i bought this drive many years ago and i am using it with (RAPID mode ) activated all the time

sound like samsung want us to buy new drives even when we dont need to (i say this because my drive is much better performing than new version which i bought for my sister few months ago)

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Computers & IT

I've not known anyone to be able to run Sam's Magician Software v6.3.0 only 6.2.1 works.

I've never got it to work on win10, I format my boot drive often due to clutter and work and installing bits which just slow things down with work. I run the windows updates as soon as they are around and always forget to install the old version  from my ext HD and it always crashes. The software is a piece of s**t anyway, many other tools out there which can do the same job and show you more information, even other manufacturer's tools do a better job.

Samsung have known about the issue for a long time, they just don't give F about updating it.

I just spent 7+ hours doing a scan on a 4TB evo (4 months old), no errors found... Do a file copy of a few 20GB files and read errors riddled in windows event log and other tools like HDSentinal, CrystalDiskInfo etc show the issues clearly. The scan was estimated at 5hours, I was watching the last 15 minutes of it, got down to 7 minutes, then shot back up to 12 lol.. Now it's sitting at zero but the FULL scan is still going...

RMA time me thinks, not sure I will trust large SSDs for a few more years...