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Samsung is ignoring this problem for Odyssey G7 32" 1009.3 firmware : Scanlines

(Topic created on: 27-10-2021 04:26 PM)
This product is horrible even if the quality picture is good, first you have 1/3 chance to get this monitor without dead/stuck pixels and secondly, the 1009.3 firmware (that fixed flickering issue) has another problem : "Scanlines" : horizontal lines appear on the entire screen .
Samsung is ignoring it despite the fact that there are people talking about it :
To be able to reproduce this problem, use Odyssey G7 32" firmware 1009.3, connected on Displayport 1.4 (240 Hz) with a NVIDIA graphics card / (or AMD ?) + Black Equalizer set on 13 (the default value that engineers are not scared to put this unlucky number...) : 1) You can reproduce "Scanlines" issue on these following sites (on a browser like GOOGLE CHROME/ MICROSOFT EDGE and MAXIMIZE the window) :

Me and my friend whom bought this near end of last year also get these scanlines (and the coil whine when it happens) from those sites and some games.

I noticed this the time i bought it but after few tweaks in black equalizer and brightness it was ok on the games i was the time... or that i didn't noticed them enough. But recently i started playing Wolfenstein 2,(and new powerful gpu am able to ramp up the graphics) due to alot of lighting in that game i noticed the scanlines far much more and ruining the game. And now am seeing more on other games .. more rarely but at the right angles and lighting... it's abit offputting.

I been looking around trying to find a fix but seemly there is none 😞 so please samsung.. find a fix as it is the only thing makeing this a great monitor.

L Kendo
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I bought the same monitor in June 2021....have the same problem.... Scanline when on browser or black image in game menu for example......... Its so bad... 700€ and after 1 year of people talk about this.. Samsung ignore this problem.... I think i have to return it for a refund... I dont want another faulty monitor.... Its not a mine monitor problem....really bad


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Same for me. I dont  know but i think its normal. Or someone got G7 without scanlines???

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Same here. On firmware 1011.0 I noticed it for the first time when using Windows 11s dark theme with black equalizer set to 11. Setting black equalizer to anything lower or equal to 9 or higher or equal to 13 (for me 13 is too dark, it is losing some shadows) fixes it on basically every page I tested.
What I just found is that the issue does not occur basically at all when using Chrome (no matter the black equalizer, no matter if it's full-screened or not), while on Firefox I can reproduce it easily on mentioned black equalizer settings... At least on (Arch)Linux which I am using at this particular moment.
Edit: n Windows 11 Chrome result is not so spectacularly better, I found that this crazy broken ufotest site still generates scanlines, but on other sites from the list, including Asus wallpapers, its fine. While on Firefox its bad.