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samsung galaxy pro 360 facial recognition

(Topic created on: 04-03-2022 05:30 PM)
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i wondered if someone can help me i have had my samsung galaxy pro 360 for about a month and a half now it is the 5g model even though i love the device im having serious problems with me using the device as it was intended for me to use it 

i wanted the laptop/tablet for just that a tablet / pc but everytime im in tablet mode i have to spin the keyborad around to log in ...

this is because the facial recognition does not work !!!!


so why why why SAMSUNG do you sell a product with windows 11 pre installed with windows hello and the camera and software are not compatible ???? i.e face recognition in windows hello doesnt work !!!!!!


if anyone as any suggestions on how i can log in by not turning my keyboard round would be very very very helpful .