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Samsung Galaxy Chromebook: Never Available in the UK?

I'd like to buy a new Samsung Galaxy Chromebook - but I live in London, England, UK (rather than, say, London, Ohio, USA). 

At the Samsung US online store (ie: ) there are NINE Samsung Chromebooks available, including the new Samsung Galaxy Chromebook - but at the Samsung UK online store (ie: ), the only computer available is the Samsung Galaxy Book S (a Microsoft Windows 10 Home notebook computer); ie: in the UK there are ZERO Samsung Chromebooks available (and the same is true in other European countries' Samsung online stores, such as Germany, France, and Italy).

Dan Millward at Chrome Computing concurs:
"The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook will be available in the USA by the end of April 2020 at the latest. If you’re based in the USA then this is great news. Unfortunately, this isn’t the same for anyone living in the UK, as Samsung left the laptop market in the UK a few years ago."
~ Dan Millward, Chrome Computing, in 'Samsung Galaxy Chromebook – The new king of Chromebooks', 23 Feb 2020

I'd like to get official confirmation from Samsung that the new Samsung Galaxy Chromebook will never be available to buy in the UK.

Thanks in advance,

Tim Jones

Try B & H in New York, they usually will ship international.

The price of this Chromebook has come down a lot recently.

"So I ended up buying my Samsung Galaxy Chromebook in the USA, from a seller on, based in Shelby Township, Michigan, and swiftly delivered by FedEx.

While I am indeed delighted with my new Samsung Galaxy Chromebook - on which I am handwriting this update in tablet mode - the lacklustre boilerplate evasiveness of Samsung UK to a simple pre-purchase question will leave a sour taste in the mouth for months to come."
~ myself, in my UPDATE post of 19 May 2020, above

A search for 'Samsung Galaxy Chromebook' on (ie: eBay USA, rather than the UK's yields several purchase possibilities - hope this helps:
New Member
Thanks for the info guys it's very much appreciated

I have just purchased one from the USA too .would like to know if it charges up OK or do I need an adaptor .and does everything work fine on it in the uk 

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