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Samsung Galaxy Book S Microphone Issue

(Topic created on: 19-09-2021 02:05 PM)
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Computers & IT

Hi, I have seen a post from Feb. 2020 about Galaxy Book S echoing issue. Has there been any update? I bought mine towards the end of Aug. 2021, and by the time I tried using Zoom and RingCentral, the all the other parties tell me that they hear annoying echos... I switched my computer and presneted with no issues. I tested all kinds of sound settings to no avail. 

Additionally, people on the other end can't hear me too well... microphone volume is not loud, and I tried adjusting it to max and nothing. I only see the "bars" in the microphone setting go up by about one third max.

Not sure what else I have to do. Apparently I cannot return it now since it's past 14 days.

If anyone has any solution to these issues, please let me know asap. Thanks.